Fishelman Work
Redemption Accomplished

פישלמן יונת השלום

The Ladder

A series of twenty five books composed at different times over thirty four years and edited together repeatedly to make an integrated work. The heart of these books is psychological; the heart of these books is religious. Human behavior is taken apart by new psychological views that look forward to their further integration. Accepted traditions of religious belief are subjected to the same labor of breaking down and rebuilding.

Part One

The Unification of Man



The eighteen books that make up the first part of the series pursue knowledge simultaneously on psychological and religious fronts.
Over the course of the writing, as the writing documents, I performed a massive self-analysis that includes the analysis of important others and the Group Minds in which I play my part. I tell myself the story of my life ten thousand times, and I learn something new from every new telling. In the end it was not the same world – it was a new heavens and a new earth – because I was a new person.

Back to Animism


Animism is the belief system of primitive men that assigns awareness, personality, and supernatural influence (power) to the living and non-living things of Earth and sky. Animist beliefs are at the heart of pagan religion. A late book in the series, written toward the end, Where Nirvana Arose marks my final jump into a picture of the universe in which it is apparent that animists are fundamentally right in their basic beliefs.

1  Where Nirvana Arose

2  Taking Psychological Limits

3  God the Sportsman


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History in Three Voices

Men that are blind to the meaning of their lives are sure to insist that life has no meaning. Modern men see no meaning to life beyond a universe of physical causes and effects. Modern men are not unhappy, as they suppose, because the universe is meaningless. They suffer for their ignorance.
The meaning of life is nothing other than the meaning of history. To understand the meaning of life is to understand the meaning of history. The history that I try to explain in three voices is religious history, even the events and developments that tell the unfolding story of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

4  Justification of the Holocaust

5  A Diatribe for the Times

6  History Is the Speech of God

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The Day of the Lord

Our lives make plain and simple religious sense, but we cannot see it. In these four books I say what I have to say to wake up the human race from its sleep of cultural blindness. The Day of the Lord is a day of sudden cultural enlightenment. Here is the light that can wake up ignorant men from a long cultural sleep attended by violence and nightmares. Here is pointed rational argumentation that is the next thing to fierce religious preaching. I preach a saving Gospel against Ignorance.
The sins uncovered on the Final Day are born of ignorance. Ignorance is the great problem of the human race. Sin is best understood as a face and form of ignorance.

7 In the Abyss

8 Charming Stone

9 The Day of the Lord

10 The Trumpet Sounds Twice 

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These three books are focused on a widening circle of religious concerns that take in two thousand years of Christian history. I have much to say about modern life. Religion remains the main issue.

11 The Saints of God Don't Know

12 Circumcision

13 Revelations

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Closing the Circle

The emphasis turns away from religion to psychology. Redemption is conceived as the overthrow of the ego born of Original Sin by an id untouched by time. Original Sin as told by the Bible receives a radical new interpretation that comes in the form of a saving psycho-sexual discovery.
These three books are devoted to achieving a comprehensive psychological explanation of the irrationality of human life. For example, lies perform vital work that telling the truth is sure to obstruct. The ancient sense of good and evil by which men have always determined their politics is supplanted by a non-judgmental assessment of psychological reality.

14 Where One Equals Zero

15 Pieces of the Puzzle

16 The Unification of Man

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Scientific Foundations

The name of this concluding two volume portion of the first part speaks for itself. Here I offer a comprehensive account of the psychological observations and rules that govern my analysis along every line that it travels.

17  How Feelings Work

18  The Unreason of Feelings

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Part Two

Stones of Freedom


The main business of this second part of the work is self-examination with detachment and amusement. I consider (with a smile) what I can never know: what I bring of myself to create the psychological treatment that I experience passively.

19  The King's Soothsayer

20  Stones of Freedom

21  Our Separate Ways

22  Sex Role Reversal

23  Surprise! Surprise!

24  Understanding David

25  Wisdom of a Fool

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