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פישלמן יונת השלום

A City of Skyscrapers Toppled

February 4, 2016 – The fabled Final War ends in an Apocalypse. The word is Greek and means revelation: it is the unveiling of a light. For Jews and Christians, the Apocalypse is the decisive shining forth – like a sunrise -- of God’s Truth.
In the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse is a scene of killing and suffering on an unimaginable scale. The Old Testament and the Koran also prophesy massive destruction and utter panic for the Final Day.
Men are always determined to remain as they are. Ignorance prevails because it is familiar. Faith in science prevails. Faith in God has collapsed; many have fallen away; apostasy is rampant; the faithful are a besieged army.
The Final War between Light and Dark witnesses an army of one man, truth’s champion, against ruling Ignorance. In the beginning, the fight is futile. Truth receives no recognition. Laboring to escape confinement, the Light grows muscles. When it bursts forth, the eyes forced to see this unexpected sunrise are accustomed to the twinkling of the morning star.
On the Final Day, the enemies of God – the enemies of truth -- are blinded. They suffer a cognitive and emotional catastrophe. They cannot make decisions. Their old ways are destroyed, and the way of truth is overwhelming.
The power of illumination generated by these blogs allows us confidently to predict that a shift will soon take place in the common idea of reality that will cause panic. We know how the crisis will come about. It will be caused by the proper rational assessment of these very blogs. The surprise is so great and the numbers thrown into panic so great that the Final Battle defies credible description.
Imagery goes through the roof as the prophets try to describe an unbelievable battle scene that mostly takes place in the human psyche. On the Final Day, previously repressed (hidden) knowledge enters consciousness and arouses social interest. On the very last day, all hell breaks loose.
The Final Battle is resolved by shining a Light. Long hidden truth is revealed. Ignorance is blinded by light. Many secrets are revealed. Many timeless disputes are settled.
All feelings found in the universe including human feelings are perfectly attuned to the law of karma. Feelings cannot rest without simple justice. Cruelty goes against all emotional inclinations. Feelings know – they feel; they sense -- when they (are tempted by cruel urges to) make pain for themselves in the future. They do not like to do it.
Danger has no regard for feelings. Men use intellect to cope with danger. Men use intellect to rule feelings. Men go wrong as ideas go astray of feelings. Modern men are great criminals because prevailing ideas are ridiculously wrong. Trusting erroneous thinking, modern men make mountains of unnecessary pain.
Foolishness is a secret that its bearers try to conceal. Ignorance comes with college diplomas. Ignorance comes impeccably dressed with badges of authority. Ignorance is not infrequently graced by learning. Ignorance of reassuring appearance and manner creates untold pain for the human race. Ignorance misdirects human efforts. It poisons the wells.
Talmudic Jews confidently believe that their interpretation of Judaism pleases God by its literal strictness. By its literal strictness, rabbinical Judaism garbles the Biblical message. It gets Judaism all wrong. Rabbinical acts of devotion are misdirected. God is offended by the fervor of Diaspora prayer!
Talmudists translate the Terror of Isaac into a body of knowable law. Rabbis teach Jews to trust in their law to please a God of unknowable, terrible will. Rabbis claim to know how to please God as a doctor knows how to remove your kidney. They are experts. They are deeply versed in double talk mumbling.
Rabbis claim to manage the Jewish religion properly in the absence of God. The undertaking of Jews to live well without God offends God. Rabbis do God the honor of claiming to live righteous lives without God in the light of the Law. They have figured out why the Temple was destroyed: gratuitous hatred. They do not need God’s help to know God’s mind, a claim that makes further prophetic speech unnecessary. God is silenced.
Such is Israel’s scholarship. God faces two thousand years of abandonment in the name of reverence for learning.
Paul warned Christians against the “mystery of iniquity”. With characteristic honesty, Paul admitted that he himself was too blind to see the problem. Christians are blinded by the divinity of Jesus. Jesus committed a terrible sin in the Garden of Gethsemane when he decided to go ahead with his plan to undergo crucifixion rather than obey the unexpected, inner command at once to turn and run. Christianity is based on an act of human rebellion against God.
Moslems have never heard of the prophesied return of long-exiled Jews to Israel in the end of days. Moslems fight Israelis with no rights in Palestine as if the Old Testament did not exist. It does exist.
Moslems are perfect Fools to read Mohammed’s generous praise of Moses without feeling a need as Moslems to learn about Moses and to study his work of revelation. It is one and the same God, is it not? That is what Mohammed says. That is what the Koran says. In violently opposing the God of Moses Whom they adore and mean in their hearts to serve, Moslems shoot themselves in the foot.
The crime rate soars. The murder rate knows no limits. People are more ignorant than ever of the need to show respect for the law of karma. Modern people are fearless when they should be afraid. They are cruel when they should be kind. They are greedy when generosity is their friend.
Modern civilization rests on scientific foundations that have collapsed under the harsh shaking of these blogs. The fatal Burst of Light leads to a massive cultural Earthquake.

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