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My Homely Version of Toltec Sorcery

December 31, 2015 – For years I diligently studied Don Juan’s teachings while applying them (where I could) to my life. Don Juan’s lessons add a new dimension to my investigations of emotions. My research pushes me still to reach conclusions consistent with Toltec teachings.
I am a student of Don Juan by close examination of texts. I have no real experience of sorcerers, sorcery or the nagual: the magical side of life. My learning is all about the tonal: ordinary reality. I am a stalker. I hunt the real world for knowledge.
I am not a dreamer. A dreamer imagines scenes and worlds that he makes real by bringing his whole consciousness there. My field of study is the real world of human intrigue.
I learn sorcery without becoming a sorcerer because I operate in a strictly Jewish context. God refuses to be mixed up with other gods. God expects special treatment – an exclusive relation -- to reflect His special standing. Standing alone (such is His claim), He demands undivided religious loyalty.
God advances on a high cultural level His claim that He is a Being of a special kind. He prefers the poetry of prophets to the thunder at Sinai because the metered message belongs to an exchange between intelligent beings. Even animals are frightened by thunder and lightning.
Miracles induce animal fear. Jews ought to prefer ordinary over miraculous proofs of God’s existence on the grounds that God is master of reason no less than miracle.
I want nothing to do with intermediate gods, even a great god like mescalito. My relation to God precludes meetings with gods whose magical presence is part and parcel of Don Juan’s sorcery practice. I stay away from the nagual.
I am an accomplished stalker of feelings. I play games of knowledge among feelings. I constantly check my own feelings. I take readings of feelings in the environment no less assiduously. I take emotional readings of everything I encounter.
I adapt my thinking (and behavior) to the ever changing mood fields of life. I dance among the encompassing musical feelings that I closely observe. Psychology is a dependable science when impressions are constantly reviewed and corrected. The truth is never reached, but one closes in on it.
I am all about the strategic micro-management of feelings. What goes on microcosmically (unconsciously; without one’s paying notice) tends to determine the character and outcome of real events due to that endlessly spreading sequence of mirroring relations among altering dimensions of reality that goes with simple mood generalization. Everywhere life is like itself in a different way.
I know Don Juan’s and Don Genaro’s demonstrations of the nagual as descriptions. I never stopped the world of the tonal. I never stopped my internal dialogue. Stopping the world of the tonal and stopping the internal dialogue are fundamental stepping stones in Don Juan’s progress toward encounters with the nagual.
I am fully in this world. My world was stopped before I met Don Juan in an encounter with the God of Israel that twisted my life completely out of shape without altering reality.
Sorcerers conserve energy to store personal power. By increasing personal power, apprentices make vital preparation for future encounters with the nagual. Where magic dwells and gods are real, the power of emotions is enormous. An unprepared person is killed by their force.
Following Don Juan, I correct my behavior where I see emotional energy unnecessarily spilled. I waste feelings less and less as I grow more ruthless in stalking my feelings.
I manage consciousness like a sorcerer in order to learn about sorcery. I do not handle feelings like a sorcerer in order to increase my personal power. As I manage consciousness more skillfully, this is the effect. Accumulating personal power happens to a person.
As high personal power spreads simply (in unaltered form) to the social scene, its possessor commands respect. People of high personal power are looked up to because the human race worships power.
People naturally respect (look up to) power in all its manifestations as they despise (look down on) weakness in all its manifestations.
Stalking feelings involves identifying feelings and following them through their endless transformations. I accumulate personal power as I stalk my feelings more and more ruthlessly.
The capacity to identify the feelings of others by actually feeling them is called empathy. We all have that capacity. The strength of our empathy is like the strength of our muscles: we develop it as we exercise it. As we exercise empathy, we feel another’s feelings as our own.
Sustained empathy, corrected and updated, leads to systematic understanding of people and their feelings. Empathy erodes the conviction of evil as actions receive explanations. The idea of evil is good for teaching right living; it explains nothing. Empathy explains everything.

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