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Watching the Big Game (War)

November 19, 2015 – Bigger than ever, humanity these days is all about pushing against boundaries. People push against each other: competition is fierce. Records are broken for good and evil as matters are taken to extremes. Invention and destruction run a race in which nobody grows weary.
Scientific progress progresses faster than ever. Ideologies grow more extreme. Gay liberationists look to spread enlightenment around the world. Islamists are more fundamentalist than ever. Methods of terror are ever more brutal. Capitalists believe more than ever that growth is the answer. Detroit is bankrupt and rockets fly to Pluto.
A hidden struggle of all against all is in progress in which nobody, absolutely nobody, is willing to back down. Everyone is determined to take matters to the limit.
“Surely the Second Coming is at hand.” W. B. Yeats
Those that await the Second Coming of Jesus are like Islamists and gay liberationists. They are more than ever certain of his imminent arrival. Every side senses its ultimate victory.
As matters go to extremes, the center does not hold. Republicans and Democrats stop talking to each other. Compromise grows harder.
“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” W. B. Yeats
What thrived yesterday, like the computer industry, thrives more than ever. Whatever stagnates continues to stagnate, like the world economy. Whatever is sick and dying, like planet Earth, only grows sicker. There is more species extinction today than yesterday. Carbon dioxide levels in the air are at record highs. The oceans are warmer and more acid. Corals die.
Vampires grow ever more fashionable. Fantasies that visualize death are thriving. Wherever this observer looks at the things that he cares about, matters go from bad to worse. Political leaders promote economic growth – the electorate demands it – to relieve inequality and poverty caused by growth. The economy is larger than ever, and it is never enough.
The madness in the air only grows madder. Weapons of war reach higher levels of sophistication. Political leaders employ more violence than ever to bring peace to the world. They pour gasoline on fires to make the flames go out. The fire grows hotter, and people wonder why.
Jews and Arabs in the Land of Israel (also called Palestine) hate each other more today than ever before. The hate is rooted in religious differences. Yet men are also human beings with instinctive and habitual sympathy for their fellow men. Many on both sides saw until recently the real humanity of their enemies.
Fanatics set the tone for the politics of both Israelis and Palestinians. Palestinian resentment of the new settlers from Europe feeds on the Koran where Arabia’s Jews were dangerous enemies of Mohammed. Islamic fundamentalism intensifies, and with it hatred of the Jewish invader.
Israeli voices appeared after the 1967 War proclaiming the imminent coming of the Jewish messiah. True believers have settled in significant numbers in the conquered Arab territories called Judah and Samaria that in their view belong forever by Biblical authorization to the Jewish people. Moslems and even Christians are cast in the role of the enemies of God.
Extremism is on the rise. Hatred is on the rise. During the present disturbances in Israel, for the first time in Israel’s history, Jewish mobs are inclined to tear to pieces and to beat to death any suspected terrorist that comes among them.
As they see themselves, Palestinian terrorists are patriots moved to revenge a national insult and to serve the cause of religious rectitude. Many are brutes that take pleasure from violence. Many are idealists. Most are passionate Moslems. They act, so they believe, in defense of Land, Islam and the honor of their people. Israelis no longer want to understand. Understanding does not solve the quarrel. Feelings only grow hotter from day to day, just like the climate.
Hatred is growing on the Jewish side because hatred is growing on the Palestinian side. Both sides feel the hate in common. Love comes with unity, and mutual identification.
I bring people together in common fear of the radical transformation of their lives. I come to correct everybody in a world where correction is universally received as an insult. I insult everyone – almost -- in their various professions of faith and unbelief. They are lost in the dark.
I am a plausible savior because I am no real friend of the human race. Thinking that everybody is wrong and more than a little crazy, I stand outside the quarrels of my times.
The proof of my outsider status is the social isolation in which I function.
I make Redemption available over and over by proving my case over and over to whoever might be paying attention. I make Redemption available to any intelligent reader by the aptness and quality of this week’s blog.
I practice my profession in high style. I am available for the Big Game, yet I sit on the bench and count my splinters.

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