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Peace between the Sexes

October 29, 2015 –A new generation of American men operates permanently on the back foot; they are always preparing to apologize. Men are forced into defensive positions by the emotional appeal of women complaining of mistreatment.
Feelings and words are the new battlefield of the perennial sexual war. The outcome is not in doubt. Women are sincere in their role as victims. They are geniuses at discovering and insinuating – they really experience – painful mistreatment. Men have no choice but to make amends for their many offenses.
Women are by nature realists and worriers. They look for something to correct and someone to blame. According to Nature, men are the involuntary servants of women. They must make amends for what they have done wrong even if they don't understand what that is.
Following a sense of right that other people may not share; a personal measure that does not take other opinions into account; iconoclasts and other social rebels are close relations to mere criminals. They disobey social dictation. They ignore emotional cues that more socially responsible (less personally attuned) individuals know to obey.
Men are obliged to serve women as individuals are obliged to serve Society. Society is feminine. It is ruled by women in the service of women. Matriarchal (pagan) societies are overtly ruled by women. Patriarchal societies are secretly directed by women remaining behind the scenes.
Women are the social rulers of men when neither sex is socially favored. Battles in the psychological trenches, person to person and household to household, mostly go that way. The realists win. Women gain the moral high ground; this gives them power to tell men what to do. Social advantages alone enable men to prop up patriarchal societies where men overtly tell women what to do.
It is our nature. Each seeks a dominance that he does not exercise or suffer from. We are human; we seek more power. Dominance is forever at issue until the issue is decided.
Relations go more easily once people tacitly understand who dominates whom. Submission is easy when it is ordinary; its emotional impact sinks into the background together with resentment. Life runs more smoothly when people know who usually gets his way. It is the woman.
Peace between the sexes can only be based on the shared realization that women usually get their way. Women usually get their way in modern marriages or the marriage ends in divorce. Mother ordinarily gets the children. Ordinarily the bastard is made to pay. People ordinarily see that the husband is really in the wrong. Women are the true dominant sex.
Our new sexual places in which women ordinarily rule the roost are natural to our species. We are disoriented nonetheless. We have not yet taken in the reality of sex role reversal. What the new normal is, no one can say.
Surprisingly little changes in our relations when roles in lovemaking are reversed. Neither sex behaves much differently. People remain the same. Sometimes women tell their partners what to do. Sometimes they ask for the man's guidance. Society's directives do not change underlying certainty and uncertainty.
Women continue to ask for help from men after their leadership is made plain by reversed roles in lovemaking. The request for direction puts men temporarily in a leadership role. It has always been this way.
Social customs serve humanity when they facilitate (by not impeding) the natural inclinations of men and women. The sex role assignments of Original Sin impede everyone's development. Society impedes happiness when its usages obstruct the natural expression of feelings. It is not natural for women to serve men, whereas men are born to serve.
Feelings are happiest when they spread simply from thought to speech, from speech to action. Simple mood generalization is the natural key to happiness.
Women have taken possession of the moral high ground. They are the victims. No one may safely disagree for long. Women have moral authority. The odor of purity clings to them.
Women cannot seriously damage the free fighting spirit of men reduced to a condition of servitude when men abstain from taking the sexual initiative. It is not right for servants to take the initiative. Servants wait to receive orders.
As men leave the lovemaking to women, they grow in moral stature. Desire is associated in our minds with immaturity, irresponsibility and selfishness.
I scouted the territory. I investigated matters thoroughly. I checked every nuance of relations associated with female control of the sex act. Men receive the tools to defend their freedom even though it is inherently a hard fight. The new arrangements greatly increase the well-being of women.
People must learn to think differently. Changing our minds fundamentally is the hard part. It is a hard part, indeed.

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