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Ancient and Advanced Views of Homosexuality

October 8, 2015 – Homosexuality is at the heart of the protest against ancient religious morality. Belief in God must be put away, so it seems, to end irrational homophobia.
The emergence of women as the dominant sex creates social and sexual instability. The normalization of homosexuality stabilizes the gains of the feminist revolution.
Homosexual men tacitly serve, and bisexual men diplomatically handle, women that dominate the scene. As women assume the function formerly exercised by men, men carve out a new place for themselves through same-sex love.
Intervening in the sexual war to rescue a defeated sex and to overturn the victor, God uses revelation (knowledge itself) as a weapon of mass destruction.
The rage of the Old Testament God stands in contrast to the love of the New Testament God. God is temperamentally like a Bull. Content and loving, He stays completely in the background. He lets life be. God keeps quiet for longer than men can count. Then He loses His temper. An ordinarily inactive God is given to sudden outbursts of fury and furious activity.
His feelings going to opposite extremes at once, God is famously gentle to individuals amidst riots and arson that represent His rage.
Jesus delivers the Good News that Christians will not see God in His Old Testament fury until the Second Coming. God is sworn to exercise perfect discretion during the Age of the Gentiles. God has indeed kept quiet until now. Loving angels in heaven have managed the religion in the name of Jesus.
The Book of Revelations of John of Patmos, the last book of the New Testament, informs Christians that the time of God's inactivity, silence and patience will come to an end. There will be an Apocalypse. An Apocalypse (Revelation) tells people too much for their minds to handle. They are blinded by the light. They are paralyzed by knowledge. They are confused. They lose interest in living.
Judaism and Christianity deliberately foster strength of character. The two religions demand hardened characters able to stick to a purpose despite fierce opposition. Strong characters are known by their proven capacity to undergo hardship without complaint while doing their best.
Monotheist religion is picky to the extreme in demanding strength of character. A Christian must die in the Colosseum or go to the Cross like Jesus before renouncing his faith.
Big, rich societies unlike monotheist religions see no point in great strength of character. People feel secure. They prefer sociable and sexy men that are more ready to acknowledge weakness than to work to overcome it.
People feel affection for people that they feel superior to because feeling superior is pleasant and nice. People that make themselves out to be no better than they ought to be, make people feel good. Secure Sons of Adam prefer the pleasure that comes with feeling superior to instinctively letting loose their contempt for weakness; also a nice feeling, which is repressed.
A man's public acknowledgment of his homosexuality, if it means more than declaring affection for both sexes equally, admits to sex with a man; a past surrender to sexual temptation.
Sexual temptation is hard for a man to avoid. Temptation wiggles an inviting finger at many points on a man's path. There are always men out there who, with a brief encounter of glances, a meeting of eyes, are ready to help out a brother in sexual need.
A brother that offers his body to a brother has his sexual needs met. He also has (not true for heterosexual men) his heart truly taken. The lovers are on the same emotional wave length. The male lover feels what is good for plucking. Something in him moves to feed off vulnerability. An invisible wound is inflicted. A transfer of energy takes place.
Women and men are not on the same wave length. Women do not understand men. Masculinity is beyond their experience; it baffles their imagination. Women cannot relate to a non-human universe that is part of the male's unavoidable emotional experience. Men from birth develop non-human and human interest in the world; but women inherit a double portion of strictly human interests.
Homosexual men are disproportionately represented in the arts because they are alienated from the mainstream. Their life style arises in social alienation. The estranged character is the fertile soil of human creativity. Artists put their misunderstood hearts into their work.
Estranged people are lonely. They do not feel like others. They have trouble making friends. Homosexual men give in to temptation; they take the easy way. They make friends the easy way. They relieve their suffering the easy way.
Severe loneliness and prolonged sexual frustration generate the strength of character that is needed by a person to enable him, hour after hour and day after day, to ignore pain and distress in order to function well.
Men of strong character refuse easy yet dangerous frustration relief on the grounds that suffering is good for them.
God judges our lives as works of the heart. He judges our lives as a whole, as works of art. God looks at the whole life to understand and value the parts. God subjects the heart to exceedingly close inspection. A human heart not thoroughly experienced in suffering has trouble passing God's inspection.
Men offer their hearts to women on silver platters. Women turn the love of men to their own ends: home and family. The love of men and women is mostly a great misunderstanding. Neither sex understands the other. The non-human half of the male heart that is of special interest to God is not touched by women because women do not go there. Part of a man's heart taken by a woman remains virginal for God's purposes.
Homosexual men receive a special kind of sexual relief. Their desires are revealed to someone that really understands them; whose emotions go by instinct to vulnerable places.
A man's masculine nature is altered when his body is taken by another man. His heart is humanized. He becomes more concerned with people and how they feel. The human race commands his deepest affections; like a woman.
A person that comes close to God must love and fear God more than mother and father, more than Earth and sky. That is the rule of our human monotheism. God is Proud. He refuses to take second place in the loyalty of friends. That is how He is.

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