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Gay Men to the Rescue

September 17, 2015 – Insisting on freedom, inherently wild feelings suffer from a sense of confinement when they cannot move freely from one person to another. The isolated feelings of isolated people are confined to their bearers. Isolated people get the blues. People that are alone generally feel lonely. Lonely people are rescued by love, or their pain goes on.
Same-sex love relations are human relations based on physical attraction. Sexually charged contact – the human touch -- relieves the pain of social isolation.
Same-sex love relations teach important relationship skills. They expand a lover's emotional vocabulary. They are based on the sexual equality of the lovers. A man gets into the habit of talking about his feelings with a person like himself whose responses he can easily identify with and understand. Homosexual love relations provide a basis for true and false friendships. They impart shared identity and group belonging.
Love makes someone for whom (so it seems to him) no one cares, feel suddenly cared for. Pained people are delivered from pain in youth as even in old age by the arrival of new love.
The lover's positive valuation of the loved one spreads simply. The loved one loves himself better now that he has a lover. Notice how the rule of simple mood generalization makes clear sense of the human emotional scene.
I try and I try to show the reader how the rule of simple mood generalization accounts comprehensively for the familiar emotional patterns of life. I do so very much want people to understand that the New Psychology is powerful science.
America has undergone revolutionary social change since the 1950's. I am on the side of change. I am a child of the Sixties. The Sexual Revolution of today leads to new forms of social slavery. I argue for (on scientific grounds) a new direction entirely.
The social world has changed totally. Many of the old rules no longer apply. Ancient patterns of sexual behavior have been thrown out with the trash. The old truisms seem no longer true. Everything is different.
Sex desire is not traditionally valued in women as it is in men. The opposite is true. The absence of lust – an emotional condition of self-containment, like the Mona Lisa -- is valued in women living under the Christian patriarchy.
Everything has changed. The Christian patriarchy has fallen. It has been replaced by a new pagan culture in which women receive social approval for sexual intercourse performed casually. This is an astonishing change in values that could not happen without the birth control pill. Standards have changed to reflect the new pagan culture.
Wild (rule-breaking) sexual behavior has until this New Cultural Morning been counted a grave stain on feminine purity. Women are murdered even today in many traditional societies for staining the family name.
A woman's breach of sexual rules in having sex outside of marriage predictably received retroactive social approval when it led to marriage. Whatever promotes the institution of marriage is good in the eyes of society, even practices instinctively considered bad.
Male homosexuality is an accepted practice today because it has become a necessary support to the institution of marriage. The beneficiaries of gay love have stepped in to close a growing gulf between men and women. Most young women today consciously hate tones of address and manners of relation that they formerly tolerated in men and sometimes loved.
Bi-sexual men discover and convey to fully heterosexual men what men can do to keep women happy while maintaining some shred of masculine self-respect.
Heterosexual men are completely at sea. They do not understand what is happening. They look for old times to return. They hope for traditional role relationship patterns to prevail as their views become more and more irrelevant to what is really going on in the world, and in the women they love.
Male love is the school in which modern men learn how to stand up to the women in their lives as they comport themselves with good manners.
A man inexperienced in the intimate exchanges of homosexual love lacks the words that he needs occasionally to put his wife in the wrong. Right or wrong, she will emerge as the injured party unless he pins some of the responsibility for the problem, whatever the problem, on her. He will take on the persona of a dog from birth, his mind in the gutter, if he cannot justify himself to her in aptly chosen words.
Traditional women that feel that they must respect their husbands have a complicated time of it. They are torn in two directions.
By engaging in homosexual love relations, men gain the relationship skills needed to withstand the masterly psychological tactics of modern women. The bi-sexual man knows best how to counter guilt-inducing undertakings.

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