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Emotional Traits of Women and Men

September 3, 2015 – Women feel threatened by men, both physically and psychologically. They suffer mistreatment at the hands of men. Women are suspicious of men and their motives. They feel morally empowered to rule men to the extent that men appear morally unfit to rule women.
People of the advanced world all live under a cloud of suspicion. Nobody trusts anybody. Everyone's motives are doubted. Women are partial exceptions to the rule. Their beauty and emotional artistry gives them the look and sound of the innocent, injured party. Modern men confess their guilt.
Original Sin poisons male and female attitudes. We are all victims of an artificial, twisted and crazy social system. Men visibly behave badly. Women commit crimes against the human heart surreptitiously; in how they handle feelings.
Women unknowingly infuriate men to provoke men to behave as badly as men commonly behave. Men behave with manifest unreasonableness because women subtly contrive to restrict their freedom.
I am not your typical modern man. I do not admit the guilt of my sex. I press women to hold a good opinion of my sex to stop them from looking down on my sex.
Women are proud of their higher, less sexual nature. They have emotional knowledge and sensitivity that men lack. Men are (in a womanly view) sex-driven and thoughtless. This gives women the right (in their female opinion) to rule men for the good of society and the family.
Free of criticism, we humans sympathize with ourselves too much. People are madly prone to think too well of themselves, and to feel pity for the unfairness of their plight.
Men and women are good for little without sexual war. Each sex keeps the other sex honest. Men and women are good for nothing without the goads of criticism and skepticism and competition. Struggles in marriage make better men and women of us all.
Personal struggles lose their plainly constructive character under the poisonous influence of Original Sin.
Men have more independent minds. They have livelier imaginations. They bring a sense of play to life that is not natural to reality-bound, people-centered women.
The dark and real universes are mirroring realities. Freely playing thought mirrors in idiosyncratic symbols the characteristics of the real world. The more independent the thinking is, the more truthful and revealing it tends to be. Independent thinking promotes both problem solving and great art. Socially correct thinking, in contrast, is unconnected to non-human reality; it is connected to human reality; it acts and seeks to gain social approval.
Socially proper thinking is not thinking at all. Women think along socially proper lines. They cannot help themselves. They are social animals, but men are essentially wild animals.
Women do not by nature trust the goodness of a good universe. They are born fearing a loss of maternal love. (Mothers traditionally prefer boys.) Women are naturally short on trust. They have little natural religion. Their anxiety reflects a fearful estimation of the universe.
Women are fascinated and repelled, but primarily frightened by the wild heart of the universe. They consider wildness as something bad. Men have both more natural religion and more natural personal security. They have a radically higher estimation of a wild universe. Men love wildness. They know how good wildness is.
The universe is wild. Consider volcanoes, Black Holes and exponentially expanding space. Look at the Grand Canyon.
Human beings have emerged – there is no other possibility -- from a good universe. The relations of the elements of a bad universe are bad. Bad relations break down quickly. Bad relations prevent cooperation. We humans are the product of millions and trillions of meticulously cooperating components. The elements of this good universe work together with infinite mutual consideration to empower the development of complex creatures like man.
The fact that man exists proves the goodness of the universe that makes such complexity possible.
Men are and must be the more responsible sex because only they see the big picture accurately. They see the universe as it is. Good. Male feelings with their full acceptance of wildness carry a conviction of universal goodness.
Women integrate all questions into a human context. Emotional attunement tells women how and what to think.
Women perceive wildness as inhuman and bad. They are unsympathetic to rule breaking. They believe that men are little boys – narcissists; anti-social; potential criminals -- at heart. Men know that wildness is good. It is vital. It is godly.
Men are the source of the human sense of play. The sense of play alone makes life pleasant. Men naturally receive life as a game. Women know life as serious business: a perpetual struggle to secure reliable sources of love; no game, but a hunt of desperate necessity. Women's hearts are too heavy with worry for ideational flight. Their thoughts are bound to people.
Men want to remain children; they want to remain wild at heart. Women want to give and receive love; they want to be vital parts of happy families.
The human will is free to act arbitrarily. It is ultimately wild. Play is an organized form of wildness because it is freely chosen. Play is voluntary. Play is an exercise of freedom in a world of necessity.
Men alone know freedom as a heartfelt desire from birth. Women have to learn the spirit of games and play (in which they may excel, exceeding many men). Women develop a taste for freedom as they gain social skills and grow more mature.
Women do not understand masculinity. They suppose that they do no injustice to men by demanding that they live fully law-abiding lives whose lines promote the happiness of women. As women cut out his wildness, they believe that they make a better and real man of him. Perhaps they do. Perhaps they don't.
Individual and collective fantasies rule our lives. We must as individuals play the parts and experience the experiences that collective fantasy assigns to us. Women largely set collective fantasy in place. Women are the real rulers of society.
A man's life changes radically as he commands or loses the respect of women. Modern men have largely lost the respect of modern women.
A woman is almost always short on good feelings because she is too realistic and insufficiently playful. She looks for someone (traditionally a man) to lighten her heaviness and to blame for her unhappiness. She is frequently in need of apologies. Her sense of right is founded on being wronged.
Serious men follow their own judgment in the defense of freedom against slavery, life against death, and men against women, no matter who is offended. The essence of masculinity is independence of thought and courage in action.
Men are more inclined than women to be outlaws and geniuses. You can't have one without the other.
Criminality and masculinity will forever go arm in arm. Yet masculinity also takes plainly honorable forms, witness the life of George Washington.
Masculinity presses against boundaries to break through them. It is inclined to break rules. Games reveal their possibilities when performances are pushed to the limits, and beyond. Women prefer order to freedom. Their inclination is to keep everything, especially men, under control.

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