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The Demise of Liberty?

July 30, 2015 – Christianity in America is on the defensive. The media are rightly concerned with real, rationally convincing causes and effects of matters of public interest. Facts matter more than morality. Science not religion tells people how to live. The purpose of life is pleasure. The media are obsessed with the pleasures of stars and citizenry alike; what gives pleasure, and how it is done.
Religion has massively given way before a massive change in outlook and values. Religion that imposes guilt-ridden restraints on pleasure died for the masses during the 1960's. It cannot be revived. The popular search for pleasure tolerates no enemies, not God Himself.
Guilt-inducing religion has had its day in America. The Christian revival associated with television evangelism operates at the cultural edge; it is something to mock and to reject because it calls for a guilty conscience.
The times demand a new relationship between faith and pleasure.
Although the Founding Fathers prohibited State interference with religion, they based their great experiment in democracy on the Christian faith of the people. They assumed (like Voltaire) that people unafraid of God must quickly abuse their freedoms until there is anarchy with inevitable calls for a king or dictator.
License undermines legitimate authority. License leads to the rise of dictators that promise to restore law and order.
The authors of the Constitution distrusted human nature. They devised a Constitutional system of checks and balances because they did not trust anyone with power. They believed that a Republic could only prosper where corrupted, sinful human nature is checked by the restraining influence of religion.
The wisdom of the Founding Fathers is put to the test as Christianity is put away as the governing ethos of the American Republic. The principles of Democracy, above all, equality of condition, have taken its place.
"No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the Invisible Hand which conducts the affairs of men more than those of the United States," George Washington said with sober economy of words in his first Inaugural Address. Every step of the advance toward Independence has been "distinguished by some token of providential agency."
The Founding Fathers held the traditional Christian view that human nature has been corrupted by the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
Man's fallen nature operates (in the Christian view) in the service of the devil. The devil in the form of a snake brought about the Fall. The devil fights God by exploiting man's fallen nature.
Christians believe that, in living for pleasure, humans rebel against God. The old-time religion says that the devil is served by idleness and sin. Pleasure is the devil's friend. America was born with a strict work ethic to ward off pleasure seeking urges. Puritanism is religion at war with sin (pleasure).
A Republic whose people are devoted to sensual pleasures cannot stand, in the view of the Founding Fathers. This truism is put to the test. Does America's founding generation know more about human nature than today's political consensus, or is it the other way around?
The Christian ideal puts heterosexual love on a pedestal. In the Christian view, heterosexual love is the only clean form of love. The other expressions of sexual love are received as manifestations of the devil.
The ideal of exclusively clean and uniquely moral male-female sexual love -- and with it, Christianity itself – and with it, perhaps, liberty itself -- received a fatal injury in the Supreme Court's recent legalization of homosexual marriage on constitutional grounds. The equal value of all love, heterosexual and homosexual, is the new law of the land.
The Founding Fathers associated homosexuality with the sinful, pagan Roman Empire. It was a settled belief of the educated of the day that the Roman Republic fell because plain and sober men gave themselves up to sensual pleasures and unnatural vices learned from the Greeks.
In the view of the Founding Fathers, a nation must choose between liberty and license. It cannot have both. As God is opposed to the devil, so is license the poisoner of liberty.
Christian beliefs declare pleasure to be guilty until proven innocent. Pleasure carries a burden of wrongdoing. It is associated with evil. Under the new egalitarian (and pagan) dispensation, pleasure is the point of living. It is the one thing of indisputable value. All love that gives pleasure is equally good in the pagan system of values.
Two utterly different views of morality cannot together organize a sane and settled collective mental life. The differences between pagan and Christian outlooks are fundamental. In the cultural clash, for sanity's sake, one view or the other must come to characterize normal thinking.
American society cannot be both really Christian and really pagan. It must be one or the other. It cannot be both happily heterosexual and happily bi-sexual and homosexual.
As exclusive heterosexuality disappears as a behavioral norm, liberty itself is endangered, according to the beliefs of the Founding Fathers.
The heterosexual ideal has no legal standing in today's America. A person cannot legally refuse on grounds of religious belief to cater a homosexual wedding. The marrying couple has a right not to be victimized by discrimination. The refusal to treat heterosexual and homosexual clients alike is viewed legally as an act of unjustified discrimination.
Christian values and Christian family life have died a judicial death. The Supreme Court decision recognizes a change in feeling, practice and values that has swept across the United States. We all know to whom the future belongs.
The future belongs to Women and Homosexuals, but bi-sexual men will have a vital part to play.
Women are inevitably emerging as the dominant sex. More and more, men are extraneous. The one great buttress of male dominance, man's greater power in the marketplace, securing for him the dominant role of money provider, has been eroded by the growing economic power of women.
As women demand and receive equal positions and pay, American fathers lose their special standing in the family. American men no longer impress American women for long if at all. The new women do not trust men. They extend no credit to a sex with a long, ugly history of sins. The men are too cowed to disagree.
The patriarchal society is falling to the ground together with belief in the Bible. The role of men as the dominant sex is crumbling. More and more they look to women for approval, changing what they say and think until she smiles and agrees.
The Supreme Court made an historic decision to protect many good sons and daughters from the wickedness of the mob. In protecting some from the mob, the Supreme Court unwittingly turned the mob around in the opposite direction.
The day is coming when bands of friends experienced in homosexual love will knock on the doors of young men without such experience. The knockers will not take no for an answer.
Homophobia is a word that brings into focus baseless prejudice against homosexual love. Homophobia is stupid fear of the unknown. It has been decided by a collective mental entity, public opinion, that there are no rational grounds for fearing or resisting a physical experience of homosexual love.
No one has the strength, courage or knowledge to disagree.
I disagree. In blogs to follow, I will supply rational explanations.
Deprived of rational explanations, a person that enforces a Christian (strictly heterosexual) behavioral code must be received by a mob (obsessed like all mobs with equality of condition) as someone that is proudly acting superior. The foundation of strict heterosexuality has become pride, mere pride, a sinful attitude.
The public opinion that sent down the order to the Supreme Court – on the covert level of communication -- to bless homosexual love has an egalitarian point of view. The mob hates privilege. It wants no exceptions to its rule. The mob does not allow anyone to act superior. The mob says that all forms of love, heterosexual and homosexual, are equal.
People whose freedom has been compromised by the tyranny of the mob walk the streets of the old pioneer nation.

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