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פישלמן יונת השלום


July 16, 2015 – Mohammed introduced a new religion, Islam, that is based on the faith of Abraham. Mohammed did not intend his teachings to stand as the final words of the old faith.
Mohammed did not mean to limit the intellectual scope of Islam to his own knowledge of God at the time. He was aware that he was on less intimate terms with God than Moses had been. God talked to Moses face to face. Mohammed received communications from the angel, Gabriel.
Acceptance of the Koran – Islam -- requires acceptance of the truth of the Old and New Testaments. Mohammed did not feel that it was necessary to insist on the obvious. He did not explicitly require his followers to explore the rich cultural treasure that he placed at their feet.
Shi'ite and Sunni make war in the manner of Christians and Jews. Mohammed warned his followers against dividing up into sects. That had been the undoing of Judaism. Mohammed saw Christian-Jewish religious differences as a quarrel between warring Jewish sects. Moslems have done what Mohammed warned them not to do. They are bogged down in endless quarrels. In the context of these quarrels, Moslems repeatedly kill fellow Moslems while they are at prayer in mosques.
Moslems ignore and trample on God's obligation to stand up for martyrs to the faith that fall under His special protection. God is required on His honor to avenge these deaths.
God's displeasure with Moslems has nothing to do with Mohammed.
Mohammed received his call, answered bravely, and did his entire life's work with brave resolution and perfect faith. He never ran. He never cheated in his dealings with God. He was afraid of God's displeasure. He did his best for as long as he could. He worked hard.
No criticism of Mohammed will stand the test of time. Mohammed was what a prophet ought to be. He gave all of himself. Mohammed stood boldly for God; God will stand no less boldly for Mohammed.
Moslems, not Mohammed, are responsible for the intellectual sterility of Islam. Moslems are substantially ignorant of their sister monotheist religions. They know what they know from the Koran, and this is not enough. The original texts await their examination.
Mohammed had no business deeply analyzing Judaism and Christianity. He was illiterate. He grasped the core and essence of Judaism, and that was enough for God. He made a date for his followers with the Sacred Writings of the Christians and Jews. They were bound to get to know at first hand – from the original texts – Abraham, Ishmael, Noah and Joseph. Above all, they were bound to come face to face with Moses and Jesus.
What would they think? How would their faith in Mohammed be affected by the encounter with two different, very powerful literary enterprises of revelation? The followers of Mohammed never showed up at the library.
The Old Testament and the New Testament are, according to the Koran, the true word of God. The true word of God, according to Mohammed, is represented by both the Law of Moses and the teachings of Jesus.
Mohammed offered a simple statement of Jewish faith of astonishing versatility and durability. It was up to Moslems to get on with the enrichment of their faith. Moslems were implicitly called to digest the Holy Books of Jews and Christians (whose basic messages had become a mass of confusion to Jews and Christians), and at the direction of prophets to shed new light.
People left in the dark – without prophecy, left to their own theological devices – turn to nationalism (witness the case of the Jews) to distract their minds from the darkness that surrounds them.
When Moslems made the Koran their only educational object, they put an unnecessary end to their Jewish education. They had every reason in the world to want to read the Book of Genesis. Moslems preferred for reasons of pride to derive their part in the religion of Abraham from Ishmael rather than from Isaac and the Jews. In order to believe that Ishmael was sanctified to God on Mount Moriah, they would have to remain ignorant of the Book of Genesis.
Because Moslems want to name the spiritual heir of Abraham as Ishmael, they chose not to read the Book of Genesis, and with it all the sacred writings of Christians and Jews.
Moslems have every good reason in the world to want to read the Book of Genesis. In this Book, they are able to learn more about Abraham. He was their father, and they are Ishmael, his rather wild son.
Mohammed, knowing nothing of Jewish messianic belief, came up with the right answers. Truly, said Mohammed, Jesus is a true prophet of God. Truly, said Mohammed, Jesus is not the Son of God. God does not have a family. God is alone.
Mohammed is God's prophet. The Koran is God's work. The most powerful proof that we possess is Mohammed's cunning prophecy -- it was God's cunning and Mohammed's honest suggestibility -- that Judaism and Christianity would be unified – the old quarrel would be settled at last – through God's intervention shortly before the End of the World.
By this one great prophecy, Islam is turned into a solid launching pad for my own writings, which bring about the unexpected renewal of the Jewish religion after two thousand years of confused yearning and intellectual sterility.
According to the Koran the prophet that unifies Judaism and Christianity is a harbinger of the impending Final Judgment of the whole Earth. This prophet comes from God. He has the same standing with Moslems as Mohammed. He is the second Mohammed.
Two great events, the end of the quarrel between Christians and Jews and the world's Final Judgment, are closely linked in the Koran. Indeed, they are two aspects of one event.
Moslems have wonderful, true respect for Mohammed and God. They are well aware of the holiness of his visitation among them, when they saw God's warrior spirit take human form.
Their ignorance has done them in. They are found among those that fight most fiercely to oppose the will of God.
Time and again in the Koran, Mohammed anticipates that Final Judgment will catch many Moslems unprepared. They will look to flee from the wrath of the Lord. They have been discovered on the Final Day in the ranks of Israel's enemies.
The prophecies for the end time of the regathering of the Jewish exiles and the restoration of the State of Israel are as plain as they can be. There can be no doubt to anyone familiar with the Bible that in the end of days, the restored settlement of Israel grown from returned exiles is under God's protection. Israel in the end of days is God's instrument to demonstrate His greatness before the whole Earth.

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