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Redemption Accomplished

פישלמן יונת השלום

A Promise Kept?

May 21, 2015 – The blogs leave no room for doubt: there is a new heaven and a new Earth. Consciousness abounds in all things. Blindness prevails. People refuse to let their intelligence register a radically disturbing fact. Is this a Promise kept?
The planets revolve around the Sun while medieval astronomers insist that the Sun circles the Earth. Our beliefs change what we see; they do not change what is real. Our beliefs change what we think is true. The Truth waits for people to catch up.
(The world is unaware that) Redemption has occurred. Has Redemption occurred? While nothing happens out of the ordinary, a Promised Event has transpired according to the Promise. Mass Recognition is part of true Redemption. Collective awareness shifts with true Redemption.
Redemption comes unexpectedly, and from an unlikely source: a reviled man that is everyone's victim; he bears the sins of us all.
Has God fulfilled His Promise, or has He not? Between the Fact and its recognition, lies the Shadow. An ordinary man is powerless to change what cannot be changed. (Moses and Jesus were both short on patience.)

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