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Puzzling Mental Paralysis

March 19, 2015 – In writing this Blog, I am planting in the public record revolutionary new scientific knowledge.
I have been offering to the public for thirty five years elements of new and true, scientifically compelling understanding of emotions without encountering a single enlightened response! Intelligence is the plaything of collective personality. Where the collective personality insists on obtuseness, non-comprehension is the unanimous rule.
The documented, sustained non-comprehension of my work – the collective slowness of mind -- of this generation admits of no doubt. The inference to be drawn, that people are sometimes genuinely stupid all at once, is incorrect. Non-comprehension is an act of collective will.
When people together show blind spots in certain areas, their non-comprehension is a reasoned strategy of a collective personality that I refer to as the Group Mind.
Stupidity is a reasonable and effective strategy of human relations. Insensitivity comes in the service of collective rejection. By garbling the real human arguments and justifications of supposed enemies by way of a prior conviction that they are evil and not worth listening to, we weaken unwanted influence over our lives.
Individual lives that knock up against a collective wall of rejection suffer the fate of all emotions permanently denied the chance to spread simply. A person that exerts absolutely no influence in life must suffer from depression, desperation, despair and insanity. Stagnation is indefinite imprisonment beginning in discouragement and ending in the death of emotions and the lives that represent them.
We silence the voice of feared antagonists by seeing them as evil. We punish individuals socially through sustained acts of misconception which are nothing other than collective rejection where together we see them in a negative light.
Individuals are misunderstood in every generation. After the death of certain of us, estimations radically change as real understanding enters the picture for the very first time.
Willful ignorance is a strategy of personality to negate unwanted sources of influence. By a collective failure of recognition, an unwanted focus of attention withers and dies due to its failure to spread from the source. Feelings live by circulation. Therefore individuals in isolation are in pain. Feelings live by movement.
Sustained, unanimous non-comprehension of work whose principles are easily comprehended by future generations of men presents a problem for psychological understanding. Present explanations are inadequate; to say that a person came before his time is to speak nonsensically. Nothing comes before its time. Blank looks here, there and everywhere are not due to lack of intelligence. The non-comprehension is under collective control. Day after day I see many dull minds operate as one sharp mind that keeps a sharp eye on potential enemies.
We live in an age of high intelligence. The puzzling mental paralysis of a whole educated community is best explained by the assumption that a collective block on thinking is ordered by a Group Mind whose attitudes toward me and everyone else are personal, purposeful and deliberate. They don't want to understand. They put up a wall of non-comprehension as a community.
The collective mind is organized like our individual minds. It is rational and irrational at once. Who can blame the determined refusal of men to acknowledge the validity of work that throws human pride into the garbage? Proud states of mind, no less than proud animals, fight to go on living.

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  • Guest - Alex Clark

    Good analysis! Simple and to the point, Both informative and interesting. Very helpful for people like me who are also in the field of writing.

    חמישי, אוג 27 2015 11:18:04am
  • Guest - Alex John

    From where did you get your ideas? Fabulous I used the techniques you mentioned and the results cannot be good from it.

    שישי, ספט 4 2015 11:25:39am
  • As a psychiatrist (once; not now), I was trained to study feelings and fantasies. Forty years ago as an experiment, I looked on everyone I came in contact with in everyday life as a "case" to be studied. I studied the moods and fantasies of each in relation to the next until I discovered that moods (feelings) flow freely in unchanged form between and among people.
    My technique leads, as you comment, to "no good". People resent being studied in this way. They unconsciously feel and dislike the depersonalization of being treated as a case.
    My technique arouses hostility.
    My research generated what psychiatrists call "resistance". The work was opposed. My sensible arguments were received with willful incomprehension.
    That a superhuman mental entity invisibly rules our lives, however distasteful the thought, makes good sense of the collective failure (refusal) of intelligent people to understand self-evident truths.
    I got the ideas that I started out with from Freud and Jung, also from everything that I read and heard, especially novels. Once I had amassed a substantial body of knowledge ordered by theory, the science itself pushed my thinking forward to address new problems using the same analytical methods based on the law of simple mood generalization.

    שני, ספט 7 2015 7:47:24am
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