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Dark Universe

March 19, 2015 – The flow of emotions between relating parties is reciprocal. As the feelings and views of each tend to spread simply to the other – the basic rule of psychology – emotions move in both directions simultaneously. Emotional messages go back and forth to elicit agreements and disagreements.
Emotions move in both directions simultaneously to link the parties in the enclosed space of a comprehensive mood field. The space through which emotions move to link relating parties contains the mood field of a group of two. Over time the mood field takes on personality as it develops a will of its own.
Each person in a relationship impresses his personality on the other as he is subjected to analogous influence. As they relate, each impresses himself on the other; each is made to participate in another's emotional life. The dominant side exerts the greater influence, or so it seems. The dominated side is mostly subjected to influence. When the king tells a joke, everyone laughs.
As they relate, they share outlooks in common. They grow similar in outlook. As they relate, they also develop complementary personality contrasts that fit together like a hand in a glove to make stable relationship unions.
Animals are one in their shared fate to perceive and to live in a real universe. Emotions and consciousness are not confined to animals. What sets the animals apart is their business with a real universe. Plants are not animals. Plants perceive the dark universe; they are sensitive only to emotions; they are unaware of the reality of their lives. Where plants perceive and react to stimuli, only emotions are real.
Emotional energy goes everywhere that physical reality is encountered. Suns and moons and Earth and water are conscious of their existence and appreciate its specific qualities no less than plants and animals. Non-living things are all ignorant of physical reality. Their existence is a sensual and emotional (moral and symbolic) tale, merely.
Everything that physically exists generates a mood field. The mood field is filled with indemonstrable, really unreal emotional energies flowing through and encompassing the physical universe.
Physical reality generates a mood field that in its turn orders the behavior of physical reality. Each influences the other reciprocally, but differently. Relations between relating parties including physical reality and accompanying emotional responses go two ways. The brain gives rise to the Mind; the Mind tells the neurons of the brain when to discharge. Like all relating parties, Mind and Matter are engaged in both mirroring and complementary relations.

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