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Redemption Accomplished

פישלמן יונת השלום

The Battle of Armageddon

March 12, 2015 - The four named rivers that come together to mark the location of the Garden of Eden do not signify a real place. The alert reader of the Book of Genesis rightly infers from this oddity that the Garden of Eden is a figurative and not a literal location. The Garden of Eden is the setting of a parable; it is not part of a geography lesson.
Like the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden, the Battle of Armageddon is the literary visualization of psychological events. There is no connection between literal slaughter and making peace on Earth. Untroubled happiness cannot be founded on mounds of corpses. Literal destruction on a vast scale leads to chaos. The happy end, a redeemed human race, requires that the mass destruction of Armageddon be a cultural event of vast powerful emotional impact.
Beliefs held proudly for millennia are smashed. Pride is everywhere grievously wounded. The wound to human pride is the fatal wound of the Final Day.

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