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Society is a Person like You and Me

Feb 12, 2015 - Society does not operate like an unfeeling machine. Society is filled with passion. Every society has its irrational beliefs and odd customs. For all their disorder and confusion, societies operate harmoniously and uniformly to maintain customary order.

Society is a magically integrated, meta-physical Personality System capable of maintaining order while ruled by passion.

The universal tendency of feelings to spread simply integrates emotions here and there to produce self-resembling, internally consistent mood fields that by virtue of mood uniformity possess a point of view. Every mood possesses a point of view. The increasing integration of that point of view through its more and more variant internal representation turns a mood field into a personality system.

A personality system possesses strategic ways of spreading (representing) its point of view while stoutly defending it.

Society is a Person that relates to everyone personally. Nobody knows exactly how anyone else feels  because of personalized differences in the emotional context.

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