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Feb 6, 2015 - What is the point of the Web Site? What is the purpose of the Blog? What do I hope to achieve? The purpose of this Web Site and this Blog and all other blogs is to create an historical record. I am confident of achieving this goal.

An historical record of what? I want to convey a picture of the blank looks that appear whenever I present my work. Nobody gets the point no matter how I present it. My appeals for understanding only fall on deaf ears. Everyone has moved on as if nothing of interest was written or spoken. It is as if the work is the figment of my imagination.

In order for a person to study without rest or respite the hidden emotional messaging of human relations, he must put his consciousness to an abnormal use. To indulge in such research is to approach life oddly. The consciousness of the researcher is rendered abnormal for research purposes. Normal consciousness focuses on conventional meanings of behavior. We live and die as we understand or fail to get the real messages of social life that people intend for us to get.

I gave up my primary interest in the content of normal consciousness as I fixed my attention on unconscious messaging. My consciousness changed. I became as aware of what others thought and felt unconsciously as a normal person is aware of ordinary conscious experience. My personal behavior grew odd.

I did not completely lose sight of conventional ways of understanding people. Yet I put that thinking at a distance. I treated conventional understandings for research purposes as the social background to unconscious emotional drama. I accepted a heavy burden of oddness as the price of my knowledge.

My adult consciousness moved under the surface of thinking and feelings. My attention was immersed in the unconscious workings of the socially engaged human mind.

Now I am old. My research is complete. Freed of the burdens of research, my consciousness drifts back toward conventional thinking. My thinking becomes more acceptable as I put the unconscious world out of sight.

Real abnormality is no joke where human sentiments freely play. My eccentric approach to understanding led to conflicts on all sides. My social position was made insupportable by the universal failure to grasp the importance of my discoveries. Everyone supposed that I was lost in narcissistic flights of fantasy when I was well on my way to answering questions of enormous cultural import.

In view of the apparent sterility of my obsessions, my altered behavior was seen as a pathological turn of character. In the light of their ignorance I was again and again seen refusing to grow up. In their sight I was a troublesome child throwing off the responsibilities that come with social living.

A failure of understanding cast me in the roles of psychopath and schizophrenic as I obsessively kept doing my work no matter how low my reputation sank. I could not get through to anyone even if I stood on my head.

For forty years I have confronted incomprehensible obtuseness. I learn from experience. In truly sober moments of mind, I despair of human intelligence as a mere legend.

Humans are congenitally hopeful creatures. When I give myself over to wishful thinking, I imagine that human intelligence is so real that I might meet it tomorrow. As I grow older I increasingly put that nonsense out of my head.

I write to build an historical record.

In this Blog I make a public record of the care with which I communicated with my fellow men, always in vain. By the quality of this writing, I prove to future witnesses of good faith and good intelligence that today I experience a manifestation of collective psychotic thinking that insists on its normality and passes fully for normal.

My theory is proved. There is no way apart from the hypothesis of a Group Mind to explain this mass exercise in obtuseness.

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