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Stopping the world

Jan 20, 2015 - The foundations of my work are very simple. A soothing mother predictably calms down a crying baby; baby grows quiet as mother rocks baby gently. This is simple mood generalization in action. The calm and quiet of the mother spread to the baby in unchanged form as feelings here and there are made uniform.
Here is another instance: a wet blanket enters a party and kills the joy in the room. Boredom spreads from the one wet blanket to the other people having a good time.
Simple mood generalization unifies feelings here and there. Simple mood generalization is the basis of language, social uniformity, conformity and cooperation.
Simple mood generalization unifies the complex and mixed feelings found in a person's head. To unify something is to lay down the basis for further cooperation. Many unified elements of the mind must work together along different and specialized lines to sustain our sanity.
Mood generalization is the basis of formed moods (like elation and depression). It is the basis of mental organization. Simple mood generalization makes us sane as it empowers society to protect its members.
Can you understand this simple principle and its importance? Once you get the theory, you get me as messiah. You can't have one without the other.

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