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פישלמן יונת השלום

Toltec Eagle Religion

February 3, 2017 – Toltecs worship a great Eagle which devours the awareness of people as they die. Consciousness is the food that the Eagle, a creature of consciousness, feeds upon. Men of knowledge fly past the Eagle to gain eternal life. They offer a coherent account of their lives instead of the life itself. They transfer their consciousness to the Eagle while keeping it for themselves by telling a story. The Eagle takes the consciousness generated by the story in place of the life.
In Toltec dreaming, men of knowledge travel to a place where humans are bubbles of energy inside a vast, complexly layered universe of consciousness that together is a living animal of unimaginable power. The Eagle is a creature of awareness whose food is awareness.
How much of this might be true? According to my research, all is likely true except for the image of a bird. This image pleases Toltec imaginations, which fly far and soar high.
The Eagle religion is different from the Jewish worship of God. The Eagle represents spirit in the world. God is beyond the universe and its spirituality. The power and dominion of some great conscious creature like an Eagle is a matter of science. God’s existence is a matter of faith.
God and the Eagle are beings of different orders, at least according to God. The Eagle often has other ideas.
Higher orders of awareness, like the feelings from which they are woven, crave companionship. They bestow awareness like their own on their component parts. Higher orders of awareness use the insights of lower orders for their nourishment: to ease their loneliness.
We are tiny little parts of the World Soul. We live and die inside an Animal of fierce passion, vast destructiveness, wonderful creativity, high wit and impeccable taste. We are to the Eagle as molecules of our makeup are to us.
We serve the Eagle by birth and destiny. We do what we do as well as we can to keep the Eagle healthy.
We serve the Eagle without a choice. We live in a world of limited choices. We live on a small scale. In comparison to the Eagle, human beings are pieces of dust and blind as bats.
Yet our imagination and powers of empathy allow us humans to see, if only by small glimpses, something of the grandeur that surrounds us whose awareness operates far beyond anything that we can know.

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