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פישלמן יונת השלום

The Stalker’s Stare

December 8, 2016 – A man of knowledge notes his feelings and follows their associations. Feelings arise in a more profound sensitivity to life than thinking supposes. A great invisible body of knowledge leaves behind a trail of feelings. Knowledge is prey to a man of knowledge. He stalks feelings to extract knowledge from a jungle of misconceptions.
People have a natural capacity to distinguish one feeling from another with animal certainty. There is emotional tone deafness as there is musical tone deafness. Some are guessing in naming their moods.
A person who can distinguish among his feelings can stalk his feelings. Men of knowledge are stalkers of feelings. Feelings love their freedom. They cover their tracks. Feelings hate being seen in their nakedness. They wear costumes and put on masks.
Feelings are herd animals. They long for union with their own kind. Sadness seeks out company; love looks for love. This longing for union explains the inherent tendency of emotions to generalize simply: to exert influence. Influence connects and partially unifies separate parties.
Feelings that seek union strongly insist on their differences around the question of who exerts influence and who receives it.
A feeling that is seen in its nakedness is taken undefended by foreign consciousness with unknown motives. We love to see another in his nakedness as we hate to be so seen ourselves.
Stalkers of feelings, like all hunters, study the prey. Hunters use clues gathered from the hunt to correct dreamy, imprecise impressions of the prey’s behavior. Feelings are prey to a man of knowledge. Feelings behave like animals.
A man of knowledge does not stare at the objects that he studies. He glances at an object briefly, turns his glance away, focuses it elsewhere, and returns later for another brief look. By breaking his glance frequently, he avoids making an emotional impression on the prey that would draw attention to him, leading to his discovery. His stare is a persistent series of brief glances.
A man of knowledge follows his feelings wherever they lead. The observing inner eye and the curious inner self are invested with energy and purpose. The trail of feelings leads to the discovery of many facts concealed from sight by the innate modesty and shrewdness of feelings.
A man of knowledge follows his feelings as a skilled hunter follows the game. Like any skilled hunter, a stalker of feelings never alerts the prey to his presence.
Feelings are wild animals that run away when they sense foreign eyes on them. One never knows what the unwanted eyes are planning for dinner.
Many seemingly wrong behaviors may not be wrong; they do not change under the stalker’s stare. Ignorance and error flee upon being stalked. The inner eye knows more about life than the socially engaged outer eye under observation. The inner eye regularly puts its two cents in the actor’s ear when the action pauses. We realize what we should have said on the way home. Learning from the inner eye is laborious. We see our errors, yet we repeat them. Endless repetition is required.
A man of knowledge tests his ideas by staring at them. If they run away, they are false. The truth stands its ground. It refuses to move. Mistaken ideas are filled with self-doubt. Bluffing enters into all false behavior. Bluffers go away when stared at. Insecurity drives them away.
By his focus on undesirable feelings, a man of knowledge causes them discomfort. Feelings that are behaving badly grow ashamed on being seen where unseen they were proud.
Where they go unseen, feelings do not fear shame. Acting in private, feelings misbehave. Feelings mostly do what is right when they are seen. Feelings make different choices in the dark.
Sin loves the dark. Feelings that go undetected freely violate the law of karma.
Misbehavior is discomforted by the stalker’s stare. Theft freezes in the spotlight.

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