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A Demanding Universe

October 27, 2016 – Monotony is painful. Change gives rise to pleasure. Change gives birth to hope, mystery and discovery. Everything is possible of something that has not yet come to exist. The future tense is hope’s repository.
Hope repairs wounds that the pains of life inflict on the love of life. Hope makes life possible. Rest makes life possible. We cannot perform life’s many labors without rest. Rest works on the body. Hope performs the spiritual work of renewal.
Hope is fed on a diet of newness. Birth and hope hold hands. Childhood is a time of hope because everything is new and discoveries are constant.
To produce new births and to renew youth, the present becomes the past as the universe undergoes constant change. Old parts are put away, and new parts are put in play. Everything appears in time. Time makes everything disappear.
There is no future without making the present the past. Constant adaptation (development) is stressful. The universe operates under high pressure. Explosions here and outbursts there punctuate the universal race after hope. Good lives are crushed in a universe in perpetual need of hope. Explosions and outbursts take innocent lives.
The universe is good. Life is fair despite the death of the innocent. The universe is also in constant change, some of the losses bad, some of the gains, no good. If the universe were only good, it would not be good. It would be boring.
The law of karma is valid, but it is not the only valid law. Development requires stress and pressure, which generate accidents and unplanned losses. The universe is not only good. It is hard. It is home to explosions. The law of karma is subject to many exceptions in respect of the progressive development of the universe and the harshness of existence.
It takes more energy to change than to stay the same. As life stays the same, life runs down. Monotony is painful. The high pressure of the universe creates newness. Old worlds are dissolved and new worlds are born, a process physically represented by the melting and fusing furnaces of the stars.
This demanding universe does not allow goodness to rest on its laurels. It breaks down comfortable routines. It keeps people on their toes. Traditional beliefs are always slightly foreign to new states of mind reflecting cultural change.
The universe keeps hope alive as it promotes a restless quest after newness. All and sundry are subjected to harsh stresses that kill many that are worthy of death and many that are unworthy of death.
A harsh universe sacrifices innocent lives on the altar of change. Suffering and death turn the survivors into new creatures that are newly adapted to cope with the new moment.
We have no choice but to participate in development that drives our restless human search for cultural relief from pain. Urges larger and wills far stronger than our own are committed to development. The Darwinian law of nature, survival of the fittest -- adapt or die -- tells the tale of the whole universe.
Darwin’s law is valid, but it is not the only valid law. Species do not only or primarily survive through adaptive innovations. They survive by good luck. Good luck enters into everything. Look at the dinosaurs. All species are lucky that the environment does not change to end their viability.
This is a harsh universe. Humans have harsh lessons to learn. Bad news has harsh lessons to teach. The purpose of an ordinary person is to win. To the ordinary person, failure is disaster. It is unwanted, depressing and hurtful.
A man of knowledge uses harsh experience to increase his knowledge of a harsh universe. A man of knowledge is content. Life gives him what he needs because he views his life as a series of lessons in a mystery that he will never solve.

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