Fishelman Work
Redemption Accomplished

פישלמן יונת השלום

Children of a Mysterious Fate

April 21, 2016 – A new heaven and a new earth (with the real prospect of everlasting Peace on Earth) rest solidly on the massive foundation of a new science of psychology.
The systematic study of feelings demonstrates that Metaphysical Personalities are more native to the universe than Matter and Energy. The latter arise to reflect and represent prevailing spiritual patterns.
Scientific laws reflect and represent (in the behavior of real matter and energy) fixed spiritual solutions to the many baffling challenges that come with facilitating meaningful freedom against a background of precise regularity and universal order.
To act freely is to violate a prevailing order. To act freely is to do what is unusual and unexpected. There can be no freedom without prevailing order that is the opposite of freedom. There is no emotional point to perfectly ordered behavior without freedom to make something pleasurable of it.
I raise my lone voice in defense of esthetically pleasing theories that make elegant order of many indisputable facts newly discovered for the sake of elucidating new views. I stand for the right of truth to exist and persist in a world ruled and defined by irrational human beings.
One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever know. My exclusive possession of breathtaking views of a more thoroughly known universe elates me, yet it also makes me very sad. My role in life is to perform the labors of Sisyphus. Daily I labor to resist the negating force of mindless ignorance.
Rational argumentation has repeatedly demonstrated insufficient power to prove to human beings the facts of my case. An assertion remains unproved even though it has been rationally established beyond all reasonable doubt. In my case, people freely exercise their power to think and act irrationally.
People mistrust mere words. We all know how misleading words can be.
Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.
A person skilled in the use of words can prove that black is white. Black remains black despite human words. However men and their words (and their good and bad intentions) go straight or astray, white remains white and black is black. Wrong is not made right by impeccable reasoning.
How wrong is the sad materialist wisdom of a world gone wrong! Modern sanity crashes against the fixed lines of a universe ruled by will and wit. Larger forces than the doings of men determine victory and defeat on the battlefield, in a running race, and certainly in the great sweepstakes of life.
The results of our human efforts – what we actually accomplish in life – have, as the ancient Greeks supposed, next to nothing to do with the meaning and worth (the psychological story) of our lives.
Modern men have got the fundamental challenge of life badly wrong. The point is less to achieve real accomplishments than to take up life’s challenges and contest them in style.
To the modern mind, money is everything and winning is the only thing. A person is judged clever to the extent that he is rich or famous. A life is judged worthy only when it produces results applauded by the community.
The ancient Greeks understood life better than pale moderns that insist to see blood flow in their entertainments in order to feel fully alive. The citizens of ancient Athens knew that lives are dignified by great strivings without regard for results. Tragic failure was the fate of Greek heroes.
The greatest heroes of Greek myth were noble and worthy men whose high strivings aroused the emulation of petty, jealous gods. The wise Greeks perceived that painful failure was the real reward of many instances of noble character.
The founders and pioneers of ancient Athens were careful never to attribute their success in life to their own merit. Later Greeks were all too quick to advertise their personal powers in public. By their early modesty, they grew great.
An early Greek that took personal credit for victory in the privacy of his mind was advised by society to understand that he was guilty of hubris. Later Greeks, now ambitious politicians, brought about the downfall of Greece through their boasting.
Ancient Greek wisdom understood that men are only responsible for aspiration and effort. Character is tested by adversity, which comes at the direction of the gods.
The modern presumption that every winner in life is a superior human being is simply false and doubly foolish. Human celebrations of mankind’s beautiful importance never go unpunished. In truth – in the light of hidden yet demonstrable, indisputable reality -- we are the playthings of jealous gods and a mysterious fate.

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